Conversations℠ is built to connect today’s car shoppers with dealerships — wherever, whenever, and however they want to shop. With A.I. technology and managed chat support to instantly respond to all of your incoming messages 24/7, Conversations℠ turns chats into customers.

Always Be Available

Conversations℠ is your central hub that receives and converts customer messages from whatever platform they want to communicate from — including website chats, SMS texts, and messages from Google, Facebook, and — making your dealership the new most convenient place to buy and service cars.

Ana Bot A.I.

Conversations℠ comes standard with a friendly A.I. chatbot that can greet shoppers, answer questions, and capture leads with natural language. All new chats go through Ana first, and she can complete many of them herself start to finish to save your team tons of time. Whenever she’s unsure how to answer a customer, she politely and instantly transfers them to the most relevant person on your team.

Instant Trade-In Estimates

Ana Bot can now generate trade-in estimates based on just a few easy questions and then naturally schedule appointments for appraisals in the course of conversation. She applies real-time market data and her complete knowledge of all vehicles to make instant, VIN-accurate calculations.

Messenger Integration

Conversations℠ seamlessly integrates with Facebook Messenger™ to open up a whole new channel of customers for you. Instantly respond to chats from your Facebook Page and ad campaigns to convert users from the most popular social platform in the world.

Your Inventory on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is exploding in popularity with millions of active daily car shoppers. By connecting Conversations™ to Facebook Messenger, you can collect leads 24/7 from Marketplace shoppers, all delivered straight to your CRM.

Talk to Cars

Connect with customers through their vehicle infotainment systems when they need you most — on the road with a service request. There’s nothing special you need to do to have these voice-activated conversations — they route through the platform just like any normal text or chat.

Shareable Inventory

Drag and drop your inventory into chats with interested shoppers, giving them an enticing vehicle snapshot that clicks through to its VDP.

Live Video Chat

Take your showroom floor conversations online by welcoming customers into your dealership with live video chat. Give vehicle walk-arounds and put a friendly face on your dealership to make a lasting impression.

Text Messaging

Customers can text your dealership’s unique SMS number from your website, ad campaigns, Google listings, and even print materials — and each text routes though the platform the same as any other chat. Conversations℠ also has SMS Outbound Messaging, meaning you can initiate text conversations with your customers at any time.

Managed Chat

Rest easy when you’re off the clock knowing all chats will be expertly answered and added to your CRM by our 24/7 Conversations Call Center. Chats also roll over to them when customers are left waiting for a set number of seconds, so you can always be immediately responsive.

Internal Messaging

Chat directly with co-workers or loop them into help with your customer Conversations to make your team more efficient, agile, and helpful. You can even “shout” at entire departments to bring in the first co-worker who responds.

Mobile App

Our iOS and Android apps free your sales team from their desks and put the entire Conversations℠ platform in their pocket, with all the same features as the desktop application just a tap away.