Your Customers want to text you. Let them.

Kenect’s mission is to connect businesses with customers. Over 7,000 dealers use Kenect today for Texting, Payments, Reputation, and Social. Over 6,000 dealers use Kenect today for Texting, Payments, Reputation, and Social. Kenect’s texting solution allows you to engage with your customers where they are by texting on their phone. By utilizing text messaging, you can increase your leads and generate online reviews while also collecting payments. Rest assured that your messaging is fully compliant and consistently delivered. With an exceptional open rate of 98% and a typical reading time within 3 minutes, text messages are highly effective. We can even help manage and qualify your text leads before sending to your sales team. Your customers want to text you. Let them.

Business Texting for Your Porsche Center

Make your primary phone numbers textable and send and receive text messages from your existing Porsche Center numbers. Texts flow into your Kenect text inbox (like an email inbox but for texts) and are accessible on your desktop or the mobile app. You can respond to them, intelligently route them to individuals, teams, departments, or locations. Auto responses, message templates, scheduled messages, Facebook integration, and automated messages with DMS integration provide a great customer experience and save you time leading to more revenue and improved efficiency.

Broadcast Messaging

Send a text to hundreds of contacts at the same time. Sending a text one-by-one to hundreds of customers is a pain that nobody should ever have to experience. Save time by sending a broadcast message to any custom group you create from your list of contacts. It’s perfect for opt-in text marketing lists to keep your customers engaged with the latest information releases, events, or specials. Loyalty Marketing with text messages is not only engaging but read 98% of the time! Customers can respond to you directly, and you can conveniently manage and reply to these messages from your Kenect inbox.

Collect Deposits with Texting

Need a simple way to collect Deposits that will impress your customers with simple text? Kenect makes it easy for you to send a deposit request via text message that customers can easily and securely pay right from their mobile device. Other departments can use Kenect’s Text-to-Pay to collect payments too!

Video Chat

With Kenect, you can effortlessly start a live video chat with a customer while texting them, just by clicking a button. Both you and the person you are texting will receive a link in your text thread to start a video chat without needed to download any software. In sales, use it for walkarounds and live demonstrations of new vehicles. In service, use it to show the customer what is wrong and even upsell services. In parts, use it to better understand the part a customer needs to avoid errors.

Web Leads

Put a ‘Text Us’ button on your website that will, plain and simple, get you more leads. Your customers want to text you. Kenect Porsche Centers increase their total web leads by 270% by simply adding this button. Let us manage and respond to those web leads for you before sending over the highly qualified text-lead to your sales team.