Polk Auto Direct: Your On-Switch for Audience & Measurement Solutions

Polk Auto Direct is the difference maker for dealers, providing greater, affordable access to the industry’s best data.

The Polk Auto Direct platform is built from the core data sets of Polk Audiences—used for marketing activation, Polk Signals—used for measurement and insights and Polk Data Services—used to help amplify and augment your first-party data assets.

Polk Audiences:

Through Polk Auto Direct, you can seamlessly onboard the audiences that deliver. Dealers have greater, affordable access to over 900 segments built from the industry’s best data.

Polk Signals:

Providing actionable insights rooted in real-time sales data. In just a few simple steps, Polk Auto Direct customers can tap into our performance measurement suite that leverages ownership, loyalty, financial analytics, and real time sales data to optimize schedules, develop customer profiles and track true ROI.

Polk Data Services improves CRM programs. Your first-party data is one of your most valuable assets and through ownership verification, data enrichment and data cleansing, Polk Data Services will amplify the effectiveness of your CRM programs.