Made for Car People by Car People

You understand that the strength of your Porsche Center is your people, and the connections they create with your customers. Unlike traditional communication solutions we help your frontline start to build those relationships earlier in the shopping journey with a suite of mobile and desktop solutions that equips you to continue to build personal connections throughout the sale in a world that is increasingly digital and impersonal.

SnapCell offers a simple to use end to end visual solution designed to complement the people, processes, and tools you currently use. Whether responding instantly to a customer shopping on your website, responding to a new lead, connecting with an existing customer or showcasing your inventory we provide your team with the tools and training to continue building relationships in your community.

We are the only automotive exclusive partner built for Car People by Car People. We translate customer interest into interactions and engagement, allowing them to shop with you when, where and how they want. Your Brand, your Porsche Center and your People brought to life… simply and easily.

In a visual world SnapCell’s suite of solutions build instant rapport with customers, increasing sales and conversion across your Porsche Center. With so much emphasis on touchless automotive services, SnapCell offers a simple to use end to end video retailing solution designed to complement the people, processes and tools that you currently use. Whether responding instantly to a new lead, connecting with an existing customer, showcasing your inventory, upselling your service or boosting your social footprint, we have the market leading tools and training to bring customers to your Porsche Center.

Bring your Showroom to your customer and bring it to Life, Simply!

Respond instantly, in person, to inbound leads with a personalized welcome, relevant highlights, images and video using our inventory integration of your customers selected vehicle, a live stream conversation or a beautifully produced 360 walkaround. Designed to be simple and easy, SnapCell helps your team show their personality and your inventory in real time, while your customer is still shopping on your website. Never miss a sales opportunity with real time notifications and engaging templates. Differentiate your Porsche Center and make your digital interactions about more than price using…

  • Automated & Personalized video messages
  • Integrated inventory and Vehicle Specs
  • Live Interaction with SnapCell Messenger
  • Realtime video chat and walkarounds with SnapCell Live
  • Customizeable lead management and distribution

Power up your Service Department

Show your customers exactly what you are recommending and why it needs attention, while their vehicle is still on the hoist! SnapCell enables your team to show additional or any other required repair in real time. Your customers can approve and even pay for the repair from their phone instantly. Talk about increasing R/O margin!

Engage your Customers, the way they want to Engage

We facilitate customer engagement, on their terms with no customer downloads! Whether it is a text, an email or a livestream conversation. Whether it is out on the lot or sitting at your desktop. Every engagement is captured and saved for future use or reference. Put your customers in the drivers seat, they will reward you with engagement… and their business

Move Inventory with Merchandising

You spend valuable marketing budget driving traffic to your site, increase engagement and VDP views using Snap360. Deliver the ultimate vehicle visual retailing experience on your website and across marketplaces. Produce and own seamless, professional spins with hotpots easily and in quick time. Combine spins with photo capturing technology that you can measure.

Boost your Digital Footprint

Stand out from the competition by creating and sharing content, updates about Porsche Center happenings, events, sales or community activities. Allow your customers to amplify your messaging whether it is the personalized video of their new vehicle or a Porsche Center message worth of sharing. SnapCell Auto Engage, Reputation Buddy and Social Boost are included in every package.

Drive your Performance

What gets measured gets done! We track every aspect of your teams activity, from the number and type of videos sent to the best medium to use. From attribution to conversion and everything in-between. Use these insights to customize you’re approach whether it is setting up approval and coaching opportunities or leveraging best practices across your team.

Expand your Team

We are here to help, our team is on your team. Our Success Managers will be available to guide your frontline through everything from how to capture a video to best practices and advance solutions to drive engagement with both your team and your customers. We are here to help.

Finally, Lead with Transparency

Seeing is Believing. Using video to connect with customers remotely increases loyalty, spend and confidence. Your teams ability to showcase their personality and bring your brand to life is critical in a crowded marketplace. Your customers ability to see, and trust what your team is able to describe, and share transparently is a key differentiator. We can’t wait to connect with you.