Effective Social Media Advertising Made Easy

Gubagoo Powered by Reynolds & Reynolds digital advertising uses refined targeting technology to match your Porsche Center inventory and services with customers in your market who have shown active interest in what you can provide. As a Google Premier Partner specializing in automotive advertising, we deliver expertly managed services that provide maximum return on digital advertising budgets. From consultation to concept to creation and analysis, we make your advertising work across platforms, channels, and devices to reach your audience wherever they are, at every stage of vehicle ownership.

Unmatched Data

We use transactional DMS data, demographic data, and digital behavioral data to make every piece of advertising precise and effective. This data refines each Porsche Center’s individual messaging, audience targeting, visual assets, and overall strategic direction, all managed by your dedicated marketing team.

Automotive Inventory Advertising

A direct connection sends your available inventory to Facebook. It formats each vehicle's details to meet Facebook's technical specifications and allows creation of ads that accurately represent your inventory. Ads direct shoppers to vehicle detail pages, lead forms, or their next step in the buying process.

Custom Audience Lists

Reach the right people with the right messages on Facebook using custom targeting lists built from your own customer lists, website traffic, or engagement on Facebook. Then reach beyond your own audience and grow new business by using social insights to target people with similar interests and behaviors.

Enhanced Lead Conversion

Drive actions with lead generation ads that pre-populate shopper information and sync customizable form leads directly into your CRM. Stop losing valuable leads to form fatigue and keep your audience active, engaged, and in-market.

The Power of Video

Engage customers through video ads with demonstrations, product information, special offers, or entertaining content that connects them with your brand. Play your videos to specifically-targeted audiences on your social media channels or in related content videos on YouTube.

Innovative Ad Formats

Call attention to inventory and services through innovative ad formats like videos, slideshows, carousels, collections, and other available options that attract and convert.

Custom Creative

Our in-house design team has the technical experience and industry knowledge to translate your team’s concept into visuals that stop the scrolling and get the clicks. Align your creative campaign assets with your overall strategy for a targeted, cohesive experience shoppers recognize and trust.