Exceptionally Engaging Experiences

By bringing the physical showroom experience online, Impel is transforming the vehicle shopping journey for both buyers and sellers. Our digital engagement solutions enable sellers of every size and type to engage, immerse, educate and nurture relationships with prospective buyers, driving increased lead conversion and sales. By showcasing vehicles and key features with rich, OEM-endorsed multimedia content, dealers can differentiate their inventory and increase value, moving the conversation beyond price. And by generating and activating an entirely new set of proprietary first-party behavioral data, Impel is helping auto dealers around the world sell more vehicles and generate higher margins.

360 ° WalkArounds®

Transform static VDPs into immersive, interactive experiences that build shopper trust

Help shoppers fall in love with your inventory by empowering them to explore every aspect of a vehicle from any angle, anytime, anywhere. 360° WalkArounds enable shoppers to identify the key vehicle features that matter most with close-up zooming and panning of interior and exterior environments. And with Impel’s Capture App, dealers can capture 360° exterior walkarounds, interior panoramic video and 64 still images in under five minutes, with wireless upload in 15 minutes or less. The Capture App includes professional-level photographic controls and editing capabilities for dramatic and compelling images that make vehicles stand out from the competition. Best of all, 360° WalkArounds integrate with virtually all DMS, CRM and website providers. It’s the competitive advantage that thousands of dealers use to increase engagement and conversions.

Automated Background Removal™

Technology that Makes Your SRPs Shine

Impel’s automated background removal (ABR) technology enables dealers to showcase their vehicles with clean, consistent, professional-looking SRP images. Powered by an adaptive computer vision algorithm, Impel’s solution off­ers a quick and easy way for dealers to remove background clutter, establish visual consistency and comply with OEM-mandated imaging requirements. The computer vision algorithm automatically updates all SRP images and background edits are instantly applied upon photo upload. Best of all, the technology is live on site within 24 hours, with the ability to restore individual vehicle backgrounds. Choose from partial or full background removal.

Shopper Intelligence Reporting™

Understand prospective buyers in a whole new way

The key to success lies in identifying and addressing a customer’s unique needs. That’s easy in a Porsche Center setting, but for interactions with online shoppers, a different approach is required. Impel’s Shopper Intelligence platform provides dealers with deep insights into shopper behavior before they arrive at the showroom, powered by first-party behavioral data that helps you convert shoppers into buyers. Real-time reports are delivered directly to sales reps in an easily digestible format and integrate seamlessly with retailer DMP and CRM platforms.